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Disabling Unneeded Services
Table 13-2
Windows Error Reporting
When things go bad, this service lets you check
with Microsoft to see whether it has a solution for
you and to notify Microsoft of what is happening to
your computer. Don’t feel like notifying Microsoft
about your error messages? You can safely
disable this service.
Window Event Collector
Provides the ability to subscribe to remote event
sources to monitor activity and store data. Do not
Windows Event Log
This is the primary source of all local event
management and collection. This service can be
stopped, but is used by a lot of the performance
enhancements in Windows 8. Stopping it would
result in a negative performance benefit.
Windows Firewall
Provides network security by blocking inbound
and outbound network access based on the
firewall rules applied. Unless you use a third-party
firewall application, do not disable this service;
the benefits outweigh any performance decrease.
Windows Font Cache Service
Optimizes applications by caching commonly used
font data.
Windows Image
Acquisition (WIA)
Provides an interface used by applications to work
with various types of scanners and cameras. This
service is run only when needed.
Windows Installer
Allows applications packaged into MSI files to be
installed and uninstalled from your computer. Do
not disable this service unless you do not want any
software to be installed, uninstalled, or modified.
Windows Management
Provides an interface for scripts and other
applications to control various components of
Windows 8. Disabling this service results in
the Internet Connection Sharing, IP Helper, and
Security Center services stopping, too. If you do
not use these services, feel free to disable it.
Windows Media Center
Receiver Service
Provides the Media Center application with TV and
radio reception.
Windows Media Center
Scheduler Service
Provides the Media Center application with
notification of when to start and stop recording an
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