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Disabling Unneeded Services
Table 13-2 (continued)
Windows Media Player
Network Sharing
Enables you to share your music collection with
other computers running Windows Media Player.
This service requires the UPnP Device Host
service to be running to function.
Windows Modules Installer
Allows Windows components and security
updates to be installed and uninstalled.
Windows Remote Management
Provides support for the WS-Management
protocol to remotely manage your computer.
Windows Search
Enables you to index various files on your
computer. You can disable this service, but doing
so slows down any searches in your computer
because the entire drive must be searched every
time instead of just the index.
Windows Store Service
Infrastructure support for the Windows Store
and all apps purchased through it. Disabling can
cause issues with all applications purchased
through the Windows Store.
Windows Time
Responsible for syncing the time on your
computer. You can safely disable it.
Windows Update
Provides the ability to detect and download new
updates for your copy of Windows 8. Disabling this
service stops both automatic updates and the
ability to manually update Windows. Because security
patches and automatic updates have been so
critical to Windows in the past, I suggest keeping this
service started.
WinHTTP Web Proxy
AutoDiscovery Service
Provides an API for applications to make HTTP
connections and to auto-detect connection
settings. This service is not system critical and you
can safely disable it if you do not use the
autodetect connection feature in Internet Explorer and
none of your applications use its API.
Wired AutoConig
Manages your wired NIC connections, including
support for 802.1X authentication. The Network
and Sharing Center in Windows 8 may malfunction
if this service is disabled.
WLAN AutoConig
Manages your wireless network connections and
settings. The Networking Center in Windows 8
may malfunction if this service is disabled.
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