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Disabling Unneeded Services
Table 13-2
WMI Performance Adapter
A helper service for the Windows Management
Instrumentation service that runs only when
Provides support for creating network
connections using the SMB network protocol
(a.k.a. Lanman). Disabling this service disables
Windows File Sharing.
WWAN AutoConig
Manages mobile broadband such as GSM and
CDM connections.
Disabling Services with the Services Utility
Now that you have an understanding of the dozens of services in Windows 8,
you can start disabling the unnecessary services that are slowing down your
computer boot process and consuming unnecessary resources. To do this, you
use the Services utility that enables you to start, stop, and configure Windows 8
TIP Before you begin changing your service setup, set a system restore point—
a configuration where you can easily restore your system. However, be careful
when you restore from restore points. Any applications or files that were created
after the system restore point will be deleted when reverting back to an earlier
restore point.
The Services utility is included in all versions of Windows 8, but is hidden
away. Disabling a service with the Services utility is easy. Just complete the
following steps:
1. Open the Start screen, type services.msc , and press Enter. This starts the
Services utility, shown in Figure 13-8.
2. The Services utility displays a list of all the services available on your
computer and the ones that are started. Before you can disable a service
from starting up, it is best to stop it first. Scroll through the list of services
until you find the name of the one you want to disable. Right-click the
service name and click Stop.
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