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Speeding Up the Logon
Speeding Up the Logon
As I just mentioned, a lot occurs when you log on to your computer. Windows has
to validate your password, load your profile settings, apply the settings, and
then launch any additional applications that are registered to start automatically.
Those are a lot of areas to fine-tune to allow for a faster logon. To get started,
take a look at PIN logon.
Using a PIN Instead of a Password
I always use a long password to protect my user accounts and data on my
Windows 8 PC. Although this provides great security for my account, it is
time-consuming every time I turn on my PC. The new account PIN feature in
Windows 8 provides an alternative logon method. Instead of typing in your
password, key in your four-digit PIN and you are logged in immediately. I
found this feature to be a compromise that speeds up the logon of my PC, but
still allows me to keep a strong password for remote access.
Setting a PIN for your account was discussed in Chapter 5. For your
convenience, below is a recap of the steps to enable a PIN for your account:
1. Open the Start screen, type in PIN , click the Settings filter, and hit Enter.
2. Under Sign-in Options click on the Create A PIN button.
3. Enter your current password when asked.
4. Enter your PIN twice and click Finish.
Enabling Automatic Logon
If you are the primary user of your computer and you do not have any other
users, or if everyone in your household uses the same username, you are the
perfect candidate for enabling automatic logon. Automatic logon is a great
technique that saves you time by canceling the need for your computer to wait
while you type your password. Even if you do not have a password assigned to
your account, you are still required by the logon welcome screen to click your
name to sign in. Having to do these tasks manually is an unnecessary waste of
time when you can use automatic logon instead.
Enabling automatic logon is a quick and easy registry hack. Follow these
steps to speed up your sign-on with automatic logon:
1. Open the Start screen, type regedit , and press Enter.
2. After Registry Editor has started, navigate through HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\
SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon .
3. Locate the AutoAdminLogon entry. If the key does not exist, create it by
right-clicking the Winlogon folder and clicking New, and then String Value.
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