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Adjust the Startup Programs
Using Task Manager to Identify and Disable Unneeded Startup Applications
The enhanced Task Manager utility included in Windows 8 is very easy to use.
Additionally, it shows you which applications have a big impact on your system
startup. First, you need to get a list of all the applications and components that
start up automatically when you sign in. To do so, follow these steps:
1. Open the Start screen, type taskmgr , and press Enter.
2. After Task Manager has loaded, click the Startup tab, as shown in Figure 14-2.
Now that the list of the active startup programs is visible, you need to
research what programs should be removed.
3. Because almost every computer has different programs starting up after
logon, it is best to search the Web with the executable filename to find out if
the application can be safely removed from startup. One useful site to visit is
a database of common startup programs called AnswersThatWork, located
at . Th is site provides a recommendation for each
of the programs listed. If you cannot find one of your programs listed, do a
quick search on Google and most likely you will find several websites
showing what the program does and how removing it will affect your system.
Figure 14-2: Task Manager’s Startup tab shows which programs load
at startup.
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