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Adjust the Startup Programs
The auto-start applications display, similar to Task Manager. Identifying
an unneeded service is even easier in Autoruns because of the right-click
search feature. Right-click any entry and select Search Online. This opens
your web browser automatically and searches Google for the process name.
Simply selecting the entry also provides more information about what it is.
3. Disabling a process is similar to using the System Configuration tool. Just
clear the box to the left of the process name and it no longer starts after a
The power of the Autoruns software lies in its ability to control other
autostart components, such as browser add-ons and Explorer shell plug-ins. Check
out the following list of useful tabs available in Autoruns:
Logon —This tab lists everything that runs when you log on.
Explorer —This tab helps you get your shell extensions under control and
view all the applications that tap into Windows Explorer with DLL files.
Internet Explorer —This tab enables you find applications that hook
themselves into IE.
Boot Execute —This tab enables you to find applications that have
integrated themselves into the system boot.
Print Monitors —Use this tab to get rid of extra print monitors for features
that you don’t use.
Drivers —This tab provides another way to disable drivers for your
hardware devices.
Winlogon —This tab enables you find all the applications that run on
your logon screen.
After you uncheck options, simply restart your computer for the change to
take effect.
Controlling Auto-Start Applications That Keep Coming Back
Some applications that you disable may begin to start up automatically again.
Software developers often use various techniques to check that their
application is registered to auto-start when you log on. If you disable an application’s
automatic startup, some applications will re-enable themselves the next time
they are run. The software developers may be trying to make sure you use
their application by making it difficult to disable auto-start. In other cases,
developers are just trying to make sure that other programs are not disabling
their application.
Software applications can often conflict and compete with each other for your
computer’s resources. This occurred when I installed several media players
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