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Chapter 1: Selecting the Right Edition
Selecting the Right Edition
Microsoft offers Windows 8 in a number of editions for different markets and
users: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, and Windows 8 Enterprise. Of the three
editions, only Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro are available for retail purchase.
The Enterprise edition requires a software assurance agreement with Microsoft.
Microsoft also released Windows RT, which looks like Windows 8 but is not
Windows 8. Sorting out which edition you need can be confusing—significant
differences exist among all editions, so selecting the correct edition is critical
to your Windows experience.
In this chapter, I explain the various editions of Windows 8 so you can make
an informed decision and purchase the edition you need. I also cover where
Windows RT its in. Then I show you how to upgrade Windows 8 to a higher
edition with Add Features.
Edition Comparison
Why are there so many editions of Windows 8? I have asked that question
many times in earlier editions of this topic, and I am happy to say that, for the
first time, Microsoft has actually decreased the number of editions released.
We are down to three primary editions, only two of which can be purchased
by consumers, and one quasi clone called Windows RT that only Original
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