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Other Time-Saving Tips
Other Time-Saving Tips
The preceding sections covered the largest contributors to a slow logon, but a
few other tips can save you additional time. These tips do not save a lot of time
individually, but when you apply them in combination, they can really add up.
Furthermore, if you are running Windows 8 on older hardware, these tips help
you significantly decrease your logon time even further.
Turning Off the Logon Sound
The music that Windows 8 plays every time the logon screen displays (and then
again when you log on) is something that you can do without. Hearing the
tunes was really cool back when most people didn’t have sound cards in their
computers. Nowadays everyone has a sound card, and the cool new Windows 8
logon sound is starting to get old. Less is more, and when your computer has
to load a 500 KB media file to play, it slows things down. I recommend that you
disable the logon sound. To do so, follow these steps:
1. Open the Start screen, type Control Panel , and hit Enter.
2. Click Hardware & Sound and then click Change System Sounds listed
under Sound.
3. Locate the Program Events box, scroll through the list, and click
Windows Logon. Remove the assigned sound by setting it to (None) in
the Sounds drop-down list.
4. Below the Program Events list, remove the check next to Play
Windows Startup Sound as shown in Figure 14-5.
5. Click OK and you are finished.
Now that wasn’t too bad. Plus, you just shaved another second off your loading
time. If you want to save even more time in Windows, you can experiment with
turning off all sounds by changing the Sound Scheme on the Audio Devices
and Sound Themes screen from Windows Default to No Sounds.
Throughout this chapter, you found out how to remove unnecessary steps from
your logon to cut the fat from the system load and make your computer load
faster. You learned how to remove auto-start programs as well as how to master
the tricky programs that are hard to disable. This chapter also covered other
ways to get that loading time down.
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