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Adjusting Animations
Select the Custom option so that you have total control over which settings
to enable and disable. Now you can pick the individual settings that work best
for your hardware. Take a look at the following list of visual effects settings:
Animate Controls And Elements Inside Windows —This setting animates
controls inside windows, although it does not affect most applications.
Animate Windows When Minimizing And Maximizing —This effect
animates the window when it is minimized to the taskbar, as shown in
Figure 15-4. It is a cool-looking effect, but it is graphics intensive and can
slow down the performance of the GUI. I recommend disabling this effect
to gain some extra speed.
Animations In The Taskbar —Application taskbar icons fade in and out
along with a nice slide effect when this is enabled.
Enable Peek —Enables you to peek at the desktop by moving your mouse
to the bottom-right corner of the taskbar as shown in Figure 15-5. All open
windows will fade away so you can view the desktop.
Figure 15-4: Windows 8 animates minimizing or maximizing folders.
Figure 15-5: Desktop Peek lets you see your desktop without closing
open files and apps.
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