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Adjusting Animations
Fade Or Slide Menus Into View —This effect allows the menus that pop
up throughout the system to fade in. You will experience this when you
navigate through a menu bar or when you right-click something. This effect
does not affect the performance of the system. Some users who have older
computers and slower video cards can experience better performance by
disabling this effect.
Fade Or Slide ToolTips Into View —This effect allows the ToolTips in
various parts of the system to fade in when an event occurs or when you
hold your mouse over an object. This effect doesn’t affect performance of
the system of most users, but once again, those with older systems should
disable this effect for better performance.
Fade Out Menu Items After Clicking: —This effect, just like the other
fade effects, is slower on older systems and should be disabled for best
Save Taskbar Thumbnail Previews —This setting allows the system to
cache thumbnail previews so you always have a thumbnail to display
when you hover the mouse over an open application on the taskbar.
Show Shadows Under Mouse Pointer —This effect gives the mouse a 3-D
appearance. I have not found this feature to affect performance.
Show Shadows Under Windows —Toggle between enabling or disabling
shadows. Disabling the shadows creates a very lat look for the interface.
Show Thumbnails Instead Of Icons —This feature enables you to view
thumbnails of your images instead of the associated file icons. Unless
you have problems with a slow hard drive on your computer and a low
amount of RAM, or have directories with thousands of pictures in them,
I feel this feature provides more value and is worth the performance
decrease. However, if you don’t like thumbnail views of your images,
disable this to gain speed while browsing your image files.
Show Translucent Selection Rectangle —With this effect enabled, when
you drag the mouse to select items you see a nice-looking blue border
with a semi-transparent blue interior instead of the old dotted-line box
we have all seen in older versions of Windows. Figure 15-6 shows the
two different types of selection rectangles. On older machines, this effect
may work very slowly and interfere with the selection of items because it
uses up a lot of the CPU. On the average computer, this effect presents no
problems at all. If you have a slow machine, disable this effect; otherwise,
keep it enabled and enjoy the nicer look.
Show Window Contents While Dragging —If you are using the Aero
Glass interface and experience a lag when you move windows around,
disabling this option will help because you will see a box outline instead
of the entire window image when moving it. If you only have to deal
with a tiny lag, keep this effect enabled because it definitely looks nice.
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