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Adjusting Explorer’s Search
Figure 15-6: Selection rectangle
comparison. A translucent selection
rectangle appears on top.
Slide Open Combo Boxes —This effect has no noticeable effect on
Smooth Edges Of Screen Fonts —This feature depends more on your video
card and monitor than your system. Use of any type of font smoothing
requires your video card to do more work. On older machines, I would
disable this effect. Also, if you have a cathode ray tube type (CRT) monitor,
you will not benefit all that much by having this enabled. The font
smoothing effects, especially ClearType, work best on lat-panel LCD monitors.
Smooth-Scroll List Boxes —This has no effect on performance based on
my tests. You would have to be crazy to disable this effect because it is
just so cool.
Use Drop Shadows For Icon Labels On The Desktop —Unless you do
not like the look of this feature, I do not recommend disabling it. The
performance benefit of disabling it is insignificant.
Now that you know what all the settings do, just uncheck any of the options
that you would like to disable and click OK to save your selections. Your
computer will pause for up to 15 seconds while it adjusts all the settings.
If you ever change your mind and want an effect back, just go back to the
Performance Options tool and recheck any options you disabled.
Adjusting Explorer’s Search
You can search files and folders throughout the user interface in Windows 8.
Almost every window has a search box that enables you to find documents, images,
applications, and other files almost instantly. Accelerated by the Windows indexing
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