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Adjusting Search Settings
The indexing service enables you to search through the Start screen and
find all files, documents, and images that match the search term in both the
filename and within the document. If the file indexed is a common file format
such as a Microsoft Word document, most likely there is a reader for it within
the indexing service. In theory, you could search for the word “the” and find
all documents and e-mails on your computer that contain that word. This is all
controlled by the settings for the indexing service.
You can adjust the settings that the indexing service uses to index only the
types of files and locations you care about, which will reduce the amount of
work the indexing service has to do. This increases the overall performance
of your computer, giving it more free resources because they are not wasted
indexing files you don’t care about. Adjusting these settings is easy when you
know where to do it. Just follow these steps to get started:
1. Open the Start screen, type Indexing Options , change the filter to Settings,
and then press Enter.
2. When Indexing Options loads, you see all the locations the indexing service
is currently monitoring, as shown in Figure 15-7.
Figure 15-7: Indexing Options for Windows Search shows what
locations are monitored.
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