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Using Windows Search without an Index
3. Click Modify followed by Show All Locations.
This is where you can fine-tune where the indexing service looks. You can
even navigate between locations while on the Modify screen by using the
summary list at the bottom of the window.
4. Navigate through the list of drives and folders and uncheck any locations
you do not want the indexing service to monitor. When finished, click OK.
5. When you are back on the Indexing Options window, you can adjust the
file types that the indexing service reads by clicking the Advanced button
and then the File Types tab.
6. Scroll through the list and uncheck any file types that you do not want
the indexing service to keep track of.
By default, hundreds of files are checked. Reducing the number of files
that the indexer has to monitor will greatly improve performance. Click
OK when you are finished.
7. Now is a good time to rebuild the index. Click the Advanced button again
on the Indexing Options window.
8. Then click Rebuild on the Index Settings tab.
You are now finished adjusting the Windows indexing service for maximum
performance while preserving the ability for fast searches in Windows Explorer.
Using Windows Search without an Index
The indexing service plays a key role in accelerating searches within Windows 8.
Although this service provides a lot of value by enabling you to search thousands
of files quickly, it is not a requirement of Windows Search. It is possible to
disable the indexing service completely; however, searches with Windows Search
will require much more time to complete and can cause your hard drive to do
a lot of work while Windows Search iterates through folders and files instead
of just accessing a search index.
Disabling the indexing service saves computer memory and reduces the CPU
time required to run the application in the background. Depending on how
often you use the Windows Search feature, you can decide whether it is worth
sacrificing fast searches for a little extra performance from Windows Explorer.
Follow these steps if you decide to disable the indexing service:
1. Open the Start screen, type services.msc , and then press Enter.
This loads the Services utility.
2. After Services has loaded, scroll through the list and locate the
Windows Search service. This is the indexing service. Right-click this
service and select Stop.
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