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3. When the service is stopped, make sure that it does not start again.
Rightclick the service again and select Properties.
4. Locate the Startup Type drop-down box and change the startup type from
Automatic to Disabled.
5. Click OK to close the window.
You have now successfully disabled the indexing service that is used by
Windows Search. Although your searches are now slower, you have freed up
processing power that can be used by other processes such as Windows Explorer.
You have now finished optimizing Windows Explorer. The things that you
have done in this chapter may seem to make only minor differences in the
performance of your computer, but these hacks have a big impact on the
performance of Windows Explorer as well as other applications on your system.
Tweaking the ilesystem settings, fine-tuning the visual settings, and adjusting
Windows Search are all valuable skills to have when you want your computer
to run at top performance.
You are now ready to optimize the core Windows components. In the next
chapter, you learn tricks to add more RAM to your computer and fine-tune the
paging file, and other hacks that will take your computer’s performance to the
next level.
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