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Enterprise Edition
Unlike Windows 8, RT was designed for the low-power ARM-based
processors and primarily for apps found in the Windows App Store, originally called
Metro style apps. You cannot run any legacy desktop apps from earlier versions
of Windows. They all need to be recompiled for the different instruction set of
the ARM processor. If that was possible, Microsoft would still block it because
Windows RT is a closed platform. That means the only software that runs on
the device is software approved by Microsoft and distributed through the
Windows App Store, which is similar the Apple App Store model.
The classic desktop in Windows RT is not particularly usable. It exists so that
you can run the bundled version of Microsoft Office that comes with every
Windows RT device and browse the ilesystem. Why Microsoft did not write
a Metro version of Office and File Explorer is beyond me. I guess we will have
to wait for Windows RT 2 for that. Don’t be surprised if the desktop goes away
in that version. Using touch input for applications never designed for touch is
always a bad idea.
Enterprise Edition
The Enterprise edition of Windows 8 is available only to software assurance
customers, which are typically large enterprises. Software assurance is a
volume licensing program where companies pay an annual fee for the right to use
Windows and receive upgrade rights as long as they are part of the program.
This edition is the top-of-the-line edition that has all features of both
consumer editions of Windows 8 and a special set of features just for enterprises.
Manual configuration of thousands of PCs is simply not feasible, so centralized
and automated management features are a significant component of this
edition. Security and compliance features are also very important to enterprise
customers, because they are often subject to additional security requirements
to protect sensitive data.
Edition Matrix
Now that I have explained the different editions and what is available, it is
important to understand the technical differences between the editions. Why
should you buy Windows 8 over Windows 8 Pro? Do you really need Enterprise?
You can find the answers to these questions by looking at what features are
offered in each in Table 1-1.
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