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Defragmenting Your Hard Drive
an external hard drive is often slower than a hard drive connected inside your
case). However, if you have multiple hard drives in your system, and I am not
talking about multiple partitions on the same drive, you may see a performance
increase if you move your paging file off the main system drive.
Moving the paging file off your main drive allows it to be accessed faster when
your primary hard drive is busy. When users add hard drives to their
computers, these new hard drives are typically faster than the ones that the computers
came with because of advances in technology over time. Moving your paging
file to the faster hard drive will also help performance.
Changing the location of the paging file is very easy. Just follow these steps
and you will have it done in no time:
1. Open the Start screen, type sysdm.cpl , and hit Enter.
2. When System Properties loads, click the Advanced tab.
3. Under the Performance section, click Settings.
4. Click the Advanced tab and then click Change under the Virtual Memory
5. Now that you have the Virtual Memory settings displayed, select the drive
on which your current paging file is located.
6. Before you make any changes, write down what the initial and maximum
size text boxes contain. Then click the No Paging File option and click the
Set button.
7. Select the hard drive on which you want your new paging file to be placed.
8. When the new hard drive is highlighted, select the Custom Size option
and enter the numbers that you wrote down before. If you are not using
the Custom Size mode, click the System Managed Size mode but keep in
mind the negative aspects of the system managed paging file size such
as fragmentation mentioned in the previous section.
9. Click the Set button, and click OK to finish.
After a reboot, your system uses the paging file on the new hard drive. Feel
free to delete pagefile.sys from your old hard drive location; it no longer is
needed there.
Defragmenting Your Hard Drive
Fragmentation is everything when it comes to maintaining a traditional
mechanical hard drive. Over time, as your hard drive ills up and you install and
uninstall programs and games, the files on your hard drive can become fragmented,
because Windows has to find open spots on your hard drive to place the file.
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