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Using Third-Party Defrag Utilities
Figure 16-8: Use Windows defrag utility to speed up your computer.
Using Third-Party Defrag Utilities
A number of third-party defrag utilities offer advanced features that may do
a better job than Microsoft’s utility. If you have a traditional mechanical hard
drive, third-party utilities may offer you better performance. However, if you
have a solid state disk, the built-in Microsoft utility is sufficient.
All the utilities that offer advanced features, such as automatic background
defragmentation and boot time system defrag, cost around $29 for home
versions and $59 to $79 for professional versions. The major difference between
the home and professional versions are additional value-added features. I go
into more detail about these with each following utility.
Using PerfectDisk 12
PerfectDisk is a popular defrag utility that has its own unique file placement and
optimization strategy. In addition to the standard features such as automatic
background defrag and boot time system file defrag, it also has the capability
to consolidate your free space. The professional version includes space
management utilities that help you manage what is on your disk and free disk space.
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