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Using Third-Party Defrag Utilities
PerfectDisk also includes special boot defrag features that will run before
Windows is loaded so critical system files such as the page file and the master
file table can be defragmented.
If you have not already done so, visit to download
and install the trial version. After you have it installed, follow these steps to
run a defrag:
1. Open the Start screen, type PerfectDisk , and hit Enter.
2. When it’s loaded, switch on Boot Time Defrag by clicking the switch as
shown in Figure 16-9 for each drive.
3. Click the green Start button to begin.
Alternatively, you can select different defrag methods by clicking the Start
text below the green Start button. You can choose from SMARTPlacement,
Defrag Only, Consolidate Free Space, Prep For Shrink, and SSD Optimize.
I suggest the default, SMARTPlacement.
4. Restart your computer to complete the boot time defrag.
Figure 16-9: Use PerfectDisk 12 to defragment your hard drive.
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