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Chapter 17
Optimizing Your Network
Your browser and network subsystem play a major role in the use of your
computer. People are spending more and more time using their web browsers
and the Internet, making the web browser the most-used application on many
users’ computers. Now that you have optimized almost every major
component of the operating system, this chapter covers the most-used application and
components on which it is dependent—the web browser and the network that
connects you to the Internet.
First, I show you how to optimize Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox by
tweaking the number of active downloads. Then I show you some great
utilities that will increase the speed of downloads, and tweaks that will speed up
your network.
Optimizing Your Web Browser
As I mentioned, the web browser has become the most-used application on most
computers. Considering that you have already optimized, tweaked, and hacked
almost every other component of the operating system for speed, it’s important
to cover the most-used application as well. Using the following tweaks, you can
make your web browser work faster than ever before. How is this possible?
Web browsers originally followed the HTTP/1.1 RFC standards that stated web
browsers can make only two connections per server at the same time. Over
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