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Speeding Up Firefox
Figure 17-3: View the performance impact of the add-ons you use.
For a performance boost, simply disable add-ons that affect your performance
by following these steps:
1. Open Internet Explorer, click the gear in the top right of the window, and
click Manage Add-ons.
2. Click Toolbars And Extensions on the side Add-on Type menu.
3. Select the add-on you want to disable and click the Disable button.
4. Hit the Close button and restart Internet Explorer.
Speeding Up Firefox
Firefox suffers from the same limitation on file downloads as Internet Explorer.
Thankfully, there is an easy way to modify the number of simultaneous
downloads in Firefox as well. Additionally, you can do a few other things to speed
up Firefox, such as reduce delays and enable parallel downloads (which Firefox
calls pipelining ). Instead of editing the registry, you can use a cool hidden feature
in Firefox to hack the raw configuration settings built into the browser. Follow
these steps to speed up browsing with Firefox:
1. Open a copy of Firefox if you do not already have it open.
2. Type about:conig in the address bar and press Enter.
3. Click the I’ll Be Careful, I Promise! button to view the settings.
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