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Speeding Up Chrome
12. Finally, locate network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server
and click Modify.
I set this value to 15.
13. Close and restart Firefox to activate your new optimized settings.
Speeding Up Chrome
Google’s Chrome browser has become very popular, overtaking Internet Explorer
in market share according to some reports. The interface is very different from
IE and Firefox but it also suffers from the same connection limitations. However,
unlike Internet Explorer and Firefox, the max connection limit of six is
hardcoded so users can’t change it. The developers of Chromium, the open source
browser project behind Chrome, have so far refused to implement this
functionality claiming user configuration is unnecessary despite users’ complaints.
For more details, check out the issue page .
Despite the fact there is a hard limit of concurrent downloads for users of
Chrome, other methods exist to increase the performance by enabling
experimental features. Open up Chrome, type chrome://lags in the address bar, and
hit Enter. A list of experimental features that you can enable or disable displays,
as shown in Figure 17-5.
Figure 17-5: Google Chrome offers experimental features that you can control to
increase browser speed.
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