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Accelerating Your Downloads
To get the best performance out of Chrome, I suggest you enable the
following features by clicking Enable:
GPU Compositing On All Pages
Threaded Compositioning
GPU Accelerated SVG Filters
HTTP Pipelining
After you have enabled the features, restart Chrome to activate them.
Accelerating Your Downloads
The most popular web browsers do not currently include advanced download
managers that can speed up downloads. Have you ever noticed that when you
download a file from a server, it almost seems that the server is setting a
maximum speed on the file you are trying to get? I run into situations like this all the
time. I am downloading a file and it seems to be stuck at some slow speed for my
broadband connection. While that file is downloading, I start downloading another
file from the server and this one also is downloading at nearly the same speed.
No matter how many additional files I download at the same time, they all seem
to be stuck at the same speed, as if there is a maximum speed set for downloads.
Some web servers set a maximum download speed for file downloads, whereas
other servers use various technologies to share their bandwidth among the other
visitors, and others just seem to be inconsistent. A download accelerator
application can help in all these situations. Download accelerators work in much the
same way as if you were downloading multiple files from the same server at once,
only they download multiple chunks of the same file from the server at once.
For example, in the scenario outlined previously, using a download accelerator
divides the file I am trying to download into four equal chunks. I am able to
download the file almost four times faster than if I were to download it in one
big chunk. There is no magic going on here; the download accelerator is just
breaking up the file, which results in more actual connections. If a web server
has a set maximum download connection speed, when you have four
connections downloading at once versus just one, the combined speed of four is always
going to be much faster, which means your download finishes more quickly.
Some of the more advanced download accelerators do more than just split
up your files. They search the web for other servers that also have the same
file you are downloading and then determine the speed at which the files can
be downloaded from the alternative sources. If the other sources are faster, the
accelerator switches and downloads the file from the faster server.
Various download accelerators are available. Some are free and others are
shareware. Take a look at Table 17-1 for a list of popular download accelerators.
For this section, I use the Free Download Manager to speed up downloads.
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