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Speeding Up Your Network Connection
Your file download begins. When the Free Download Manager is open and
your file is downloading, click the Progress tab to see a graphical view of what
parts of the file have already been downloaded.
Speeding Up Your Network Connection
The speed of your network connection does not depend on only the speed of
your hardware. Windows is an operating system that is designed to work on a
variety of different hardware and network setups. Because of the abstract nature
of the operating system, it cannot be optimized for user-specific hardware setups.
Depending on the type of network connection you have, you might be able to
tweak your connection so that the speed of your Internet connection as well as
your local area network will be faster. These tweaks can help the auto-tuning
network settings included in Windows 8 narrow in on a smaller range to find
the optimal value.
Tweaking Auto Tuning
The network stack in Windows 8 is very intelligent compared to previous
versions of Windows, such as XP. Instead of using static transmission and receiving
settings, it adjusts to optimal values for the current network condition. Some
of these values have a wide range of possible settings so it can help to narrow
the range. Also, depending on what your hardware supports, you may be able
to increase the performance of your network significantly by disabling auto
tuning completely.
You can configure all the auto-tuning settings with the netsh command in
conjunction with the auto-tuning level you want to use. By default, your system
will run in Normal mode, but a number of options are available:
Highly restricted —Allows the receive window to grow but is the most
Restricted —Allows the receive window to grow but is less conservative.
Normal —Allows the receive window to grow at the normal rate.
Disable —Completely disables the auto-tuning feature.
Open up an administrative-level command prompt to change the setting:
1. Open the Start screen, type in cmd .
2. When you see the shortcut appear, right-click it and click Run As
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