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Chapter 18: Windows Security
Windows Security
Security is one of the most important issues in the Windows computer world.
Over the years, as Windows gained popularity and as it became the dominant
operating system on the market, it became the primary target for hackers and
other individuals who want to compromise your system. Additionally, you use
your computer for more and more activities, which results in a massive amount
of highly valuable and confidential information stored inside. Today it is not
uncommon to have personal financial information, hundreds of personal
documents, and thousands of priceless digital photos all stored on your computer.
As the amount of personal data stored on your computer increases, the reward
to compromise your system increases as well. This creates an enormous need
for a secure operating system that will keep your data safe.
According to Microsoft, Windows  8 is the most secure version of
Windows released in history. Building off the major security changes
introduced in Windows Vista and 7, Windows 8 is technically superior but it is
far from perfect. Security patches are still released to protect users from new
attacks, and a lack of education on the new security features results in many
users not using them.
This chapter helps you get the most out of security features and shows you
how to lock down your computer using common industry best practices to
protect your computer from getting compromised.
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