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Actively Protecting Your Computer
Actively Protecting Your Computer
The days when running an antivirus program on your computer was enough
to protect it are long over. Now you need to play an active role in the process
of protecting your computer. The types of threats are changing very quickly.
Currently, the most effective way to compromise a computer is by taking
advantage of the human factor—that is, tricking you into running some code that
installs a malicious program to help someone steal your data or take over your
machine. Another effective method to compromise a computer is to exploit a
known vulnerability in the operating system. In this situation, a user is not up
to date on his security patches and is basically leaving the door unlocked so
that anyone with limited computer knowledge can step right in and install and
steal anything they want.
Taking an active role in securing your computer involves keeping up to date
on the latest security news so that you know about new vulnerabilities and
the methods hackers are using to compromise your computer. Additionally,
you need to know what to look out for so you don’t fall for any undocumented
hacks or tricks, as well as make sure the known vulnerabilities are fixed on
your computer.
This section helps you with all the aspects of actively protecting your
computer. First, I show you some great ways to keep up to date on the latest security
news. Then I show you how to make sure that Automatic Updates in Windows 8
is working properly and that your computer has all known vulnerabilities
fixed. Finally, I give you some pointers to help protect you from falling for most
undocumented and unknown hacks and tricks.
Staying Up to Date
One of the largest parts of taking an active role in protecting your computer’s
security is keeping up to date with the latest trends and news on active
vulnerabilities. Various websites and newsletters can help you stay on top of the latest
Windows security news. Take a look at the following sites and sign up for some
of the newsletters to stay on top of the latest security threats:
Microsoft’s Security at Home Newsletter —This newsletter is targeted to
less-technical home users and has a lot of information about good
techniques for better “human” security, as I mentioned earlier. The newsletter
is free and you can sign up at .
TechNet’s Microsoft Security Newsletter —This newsletter, which
targets advanced computer users, goes into more depth concerning the
latest security patches released, in addition to general security news. This
newsletter is also free and you can sign up at .
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