Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Actively Protecting Your Computer
TrendMicro’s Threat Encyclopedia —This is a security website that helps
you find out about the latest viruses, malware, and vulnerabilities for
Windows 8 and popular applications that run on it. Visit http://tweaks
.com/927691 to get the latest news.
US-CERT —This is the federally funded Computer Emergency Readiness
Team website, which provides information on the latest security news
and vulnerabilities for Windows 8 and every other computer software
product, including applications that run on Windows. US-CERT is a very
comprehensive website that has several RSS feeds that you can subscribe
to with your favorite RSS reader or with Internet Explorer. Visit http:// to use this massive resource.
Using Microsoft Update
Every month, Microsoft releases new security patches for all its products that
ix security holes and increase the security of Windows. It is very important to
make sure that your computer is working properly and is set up to download
these new security patches automatically. Additionally, Microsoft includes an
expanded version of Windows Update called Microsoft Update that patches
Microsoft products beyond Windows. Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, and
other popular Microsoft applications can also be patched automatically, but
this feature is disabled by default.
Follow these steps to enable Microsoft Update and scan your PC for updates:
1. Open the Start screen, type Install Optional Updates , change the search
filter to Settings, and hit Enter.
2. Click the Find Out More link on the Windows Update screen as shown
in Figure 18-1.
3. Internet Explorer launches a web page describing Microsoft Update and a
legal agreement you must acknowledge. Check the I Agree box and click
the Install button.
4. After the Microsoft Update component is installed, close IE and
Windows Update should scan for updates for Windows other Microsoft
products automatically.
5. When the scan is completed you can click important or optional update
links and view available updates. Only critical updates are installed
6. Check the box next to any update you want to install and click Install, as
shown in Figure 18-2.
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