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Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI)
Secunia Personal Software Inspector, also known as Secunia PSI, is a unique and
powerful tool that is like Microsoft Update but for applications by all vendors.
It scans the contents for any known program with a vulnerability that can be
exploited and informs you that it needs to be updated. For some apps, it can
even install a newer patched version automatically. Best of all, Secunia PSI is
free for personal use.
I install Secunia PSI on all of my personal machines and virtual machines
because an active approach to computer security requires protecting all aspects.
As Microsoft has made Windows more and more secure over the years,
attackers focus more on exploiting third-party apps that don’t always follow the strict
security guidelines Microsoft recommends.
Head over to an d download the latest version
of Secunia PSI. When you are installing, I recommend selecting the Update
Programs Automatically settings so old versions of third-party apps that
contain vulnerabilities are updated without any effort. Once you have Secunia PSI
installed, follow these steps to scan and remediate your PC:
1. Open the Start screen, type Secunia PSI , and hit Enter.
2. A scan should start automatically but if it doesn’t, click the Scan Now
button that displays when Secunia PSI starts up.
Alternatively, you can click Scan Again in the lower-right corner of the
window if you already ran a scan previously.
If everything is up to date and no vulnerabilities are found, you should
have a Secunia System Score of 100% and have a nice big green checkbox
as shown in Figure 18-3. Otherwise, a list of programs that need to be
updated is displayed as shown in Figure 18-4.
3. If you have a program that needs to be updated, simply click the Click To
Update link under the application icon.
Typically, your web browser launches immediately and downloads the
new version for you to install manually. However, in some cases, the
download page on the vendor’s site opens. For applications such as Java,
a new version is downloaded and installed automatically.
Secunia PSI also offers a more detailed view when you click the Settings
button near the bottom-center of the window. You can also configure scanning
of other hard drives in your PC other than the default (C: drive).
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