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Active Security Tips
Active Security Tips
One of the easiest ways to break into a computer to install malware or steal data
is by exploiting the human factor. Attackers take advantage of the fact that we
don’t usually read the fine print for an application that you download or are just
click-happy and click Yes on any dialog box that pops up. If you exercise a little
caution and follow the recommendations covered in the following sections, you
can take the human element completely out of the picture.
Don’t Get in the Habit of Clicking Yes/Continue/Allow
In Windows 8, User Account Control (UAC) provides more control over what
applications get installed automatically on your computer. The days of visiting
a website and getting junk automatically installed on your computer are over.
When configured properly in Windows 8, User Account Control requires you
to authorize almost all changes to your computer, including system
configuration changes and installing new programs. To some, these prompts can become
overwhelming and result in the habit of just clicking Continue on all of them
that pop up. Such behavior completely bypasses the new security features in
Windows 8, allowing almost anything to take over your system.
The next time you get a User Account Control pop-up, click the Details arrow,
as shown in Figure 18-5, to find out exactly what you are allowing.
Figure 18-5: View details when you are presented with a User Account Control pop-up.
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