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Secure the Administrator Account
3. Right-click the Administrator account and click Properties.
4. Check the Account Is Disabled option if it is not already selected, as shown
in Figure 18-8. Then click OK to save the changes.
Figure 18-8: Disabling the Administrator account is the first step
toward securing it.
5. Right-click the Administrator account and click Set Password.
A warning screen appears telling you what might happen if you proceed.
6. Disregard this message and hit Proceed.
7. When the Set Password window appears, type a completely random,
complex password in both boxes that I suggest is at least 20 characters
long and click OK.
The new password will now be set.
8. Rename the account to confuse any malicious scripts that might be looking
for it. Right-click the Administrator account again and select Rename.
9. Type a new name for the account that has some random letters and
numbers in it. I like to use AdminDisabled [random numbers] as a new name.
10. Press Enter and you are finished.
Now both of the built-in Windows 8 accounts are secured.
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