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Setting the Account Lockout Policy
Setting the Account Lockout Policy
To complement the new complex password that your accounts now have, I
recommend configuring the Account Lockout Policy to add even more security to
your accounts. The Account Lockout Policy enables you to protect your account
from an intruder trying dozens or even thousands of possible password
combinations while attempting to guess your password. When configured, after the
intruder has entered the wrong password a set number of times, the account
will then be locked for a set amount of time. After that time interval has passed,
the account is unlocked and the whole process is reset.
This provides valuable additional security for your accounts that will
eliminate the effectiveness of certain brute force tools that will try every possible
combination to hack into your account. By using the Account Lockout Policy,
you can increase the amount of time a malicious user has to wait to try every
possible combination to something unfeasible.
Setting the Account Lockout Policy is very similar to configuring your
computer not to show the last username that was used to log in with. Follow these
steps to configure the lockout policy for your computer:
1. Open the Start screen, type secpol.msc , and hit Enter.
2. After the Local Security Policy editor loads, expand Account Policies and
then click Account Lockout Policy.
3. Right-click Account Lockout Threshold and click Properties.
4. Increase the number of invalid logon attempts from 0 to a higher value
to enable the feature.
I like to use 5 as my number of invalid logon attempts before my account
is locked out.
5. Click OK to save the setting. A Suggested Value Settings window pops
up that automatically populates the two other settings: Account Lockout
Duration and Reset Account Lockout Counter After. Click OK here as
well to use the default values.
6. If the 30-minute duration of the account lockout is too long for you, just
right-click each setting, select Properties, and modify the value.
I typically use 10 minutes for both of these settings because I think it is a
nice balance between added security and inconvenience when I may be
using my computer half asleep and type in the wrong password more
than five times.
Your Account Lockout Policy is now set up and will begin protecting your
computer immediately.
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