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Using File Encryption
16. Navigate through Local Policies and Security Options and locate User
Account Control: Run All Administrators In Admin Approval Mode.
Right-click this policy and select Properties.
17. Select Disable and click OK to save the changes.
You are now finished setting up UAC to not run for your system
configuration account.
After you are finished with these steps, you can easily switch to the
configuration account with higher rights by pressing and holding Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Then
click Switch User and select the configuration account. When you are finished
doing work that requires higher rights, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete again and switch
back to your low-rights session.
Using File Encryption
Do you have important documents on your computer that you don’t want
anyone else to see? Sure, you can set file permissions on files so that only your
account can read them. Is that enough? Unfortunately, it is not, because file
permissions can be manipulated in many ways and your account password
replaced if someone has physical access to your computer. If your computer
is stolen or if someone breaks into your office or home, the only way truly to
protect important data is to encrypt it.
Windows 8 includes two different levels of encryption: file level and hard-drive
level. The file-based encryption is a feature of NTFS, whereas the drive-level
method is a feature in Windows 8 called BitLocker Drive Encryption . The main
difference between the two is that BitLocker Drive Encryption can encrypt your
entire drive or partition so that even the ilesystem is protected. Everything on
the drive, including the operating system, is encrypted so that no one will even
be able to see a list of files. The security of BitLocker Drive Encryption comes at
the price of performance and requires certain hardware, which is why file-level
encryption is often preferred. Therefore, I am going to cover that first.
Encrypting Your Files
File-level encryption in Windows 8 is very easy to do. However, some steps are
required before you start encrypting files to make sure that you can always
decrypt your files at a later time no matter what happens. This next section
shows you why it is important to set up a Recovery Agent in Windows 8.
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