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Using a Firewall
Figure 19-2: Action Center displays security information.
Using a Firewall
One way to help fight attackers and viruses from the Internet is to block access
to your computer on all ports, which can be gateways into your computer. How
exactly do you block all the ports? A firewall is a special application that acts as
a brick wall that is protecting all the ports on your computer.
When a remote computer attempts to access a computer that is protected by
a firewall, it is not able to connect and the data that was sent is ignored and
discarded. Depending on the way the firewall is configured, when data is sent
to a blocked port on your computer, the firewall responds to where the data was
sent from with a message that the port is closed or it does nothing, giving your
computer a stealth presence. Most firewall applications are set up by default
to run in stealth mode, which provides the maximum amount of protection.
Any remote computer trying to connect or send data to your computer with a
firewall installed and running in stealth mode will think that your computer
has gone ofline because it is not getting a response.
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