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Using Online Armor Firewall
just a port number. This provides greater and safer control than just opening
a port that remains open even after the application using the port is no longer
Another reason I like Online Armor is the graphical status window shown
in Figure 19-5. The status window displays the speed of inbound and outbound
data, what currently is allowed through, and the total number of connections.
Figure 19-5: Online Armor displays your firewall status.
Three editions of Online Armor are available, but I stick with the free
edition because I’m not interested in the advanced features. Head over to http:// an d download the free edition located at the bottom of the
page. Upon install, select the Limited Freeware Version option and complete
the install. After the install is completed, Online Armor should start up
automatically. If not, open the Start screen and select the Online Armor icon, which
should be at the end of your Start screen.
The first time Online Armor is launched, it runs in learning mode, which
monitors what is currently running for two minutes and populates firewall
rules so your applications continue to work properly. After learning mode is
completed, you can access the main interface and tweak the rules it created. Just
click the Firewall menu option and then customize the rules based on program,
ports, interfaces, or even computers/network devices.
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