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Web Browser Security
7. In the Security section, I recommend selecting Do Not Save Encrypted
Pages To Disk and Empty Temporary Internet Files Folder When Browser
Is Closed.
These two settings help protect your privacy as well as keep your
important online data, such as banking information, safe.
8. When you are finished, click OK to save your changes.
You are now finished configuring Internet Explorer to run more securely and
protect you even better when you are online.
Table 19-1: Internet Explorer Security Zone Settings
Loose XAML
I like to select Disable for this option
because few sites use it and disabling it
means one less feature to worry about
being exploited.
XAML browser applications
I disable this setting as well because it’s
not used much either.
XPS documents
Disable this option for tighter security. If
you don’t use this document format, you
should have no problems disabling it.
Run components not signed with
For tighter security, select Disable.
Font download
Consider yourself very lucky if you ever
run across a website that uses this
feature. Disable it to be safe.
Enable .NET Framework setup
Disable this setting. I do not understand
why this option is even listed here.
Include local directory path when
uploading files to a server
I like to disable this option for privacy
and because it should never be needed.
Launching programs and files in an
Disable this feature. Really, this should
never be done.
Only allow approved domains to use
ActiveX without prompt
I like to disable this because this could
be a way to circumvent some control if
a domain is added to the approved list
without your knowledge.
I usually set this option to Prompt For
Username And Password for maximum
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