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Installing from USB
4. Type clean and hit Enter to destroy any partitions, ilesystems, and data
that may currently be on the device.
5. Now it is time to create the partition. Type create partition primary and
hit Enter.
6. For booting it is important to set the partition as active. Type active and
hit Enter.
7. As I mentioned earlier, the ilesystem must be FAT32. Type format fs=fat32
label=win8boot quick and hit Enter. This performs a quick format and
labels the drive in one step.
8. Type exit to close DiskPart. Your USB lash drive is now prepared for the
next phase.
Figure 2-1: Using DiskPart to prepare the USB flash drive
Copying the Installation Software
The final step, now that you have your USB lash drive prepared, is to copy the
code. If you are a super geek you can use some fancy xcopy or robocopy
commands for this step, but this simple copy-and-paste procedure works just fine.
Insert the DVD media into your PC and navigate to the drive on your
computer that has the Windows 8 installation files. Select all the files, as shown in
Figure 2-2, and then right-click and select Copy.
Navigate to the root of the USB lash drive, right-click and click Paste. The
file copy can take a number of minutes, but after it is finished you can install
Windows 8 quickly and on machines that don’t have an optical drive.
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