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Removing Address Bar Suggestions
part of this section shows you how to clean all the required parts to remove
your Internet Explorer history and protect your privacy.
The second part of this section shows you how you can protect your privacy
further by configuring and using new Internet Explorer features.
Removing Address Bar Suggestions
Windows 8, as with past versions of Windows, includes a feature called
AutoComplete that is always enabled by default for the address box. This is
normally a very convenient feature because it can help you when typing in an
address by presenting you with various suggestions based on your browser
history. With this convenience comes the danger that it can reveal your online
whereabouts. When I start typing “twe” in my address bar, it automatically
suggests because I previously visited the site. Anyone who uses
my computer and starts typing addresses in manually can see sites that I have
visited. If they just type in www.s or www.t, th ey will be presented with a small
list of all the sites I have visited that have URLs that start with s or t.
How do you stop the suggestions? It depends on whether you want to remove
just one entry or clear all.
Removing a Single Website from the Address Bar
Windows 8 includes a number of great privacy features that give you control of
your information. When you come across an address bar suggestion in Internet
Explorer 10, hover over the entry displayed in the drop-down list and an X icon
appears on the right as shown in Figure 20-1.
Clicking the X button removes that entry for good while preserving the
rest of your browser suggestions. This is one of my favorite new features in
Windows 8. It really enables you to control your information much better than
previous versions of Windows.
Clearing All Address Bar Suggestions
In the past, clearing all the address bar suggestions was a big job in which you
had to delete a file that was in use. With Internet Explorer 10, it takes only a
few clicks:
1. When Internet Explorer is open, hit Ctrl+Shift+Delete to bring up the
Delete Browsing History window.
2. On the Delete Browsing History window, uncheck all items except for
3. Click Delete, and all your address suggestions are deleted.
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