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Clearing Temporary Internet Files, History, and Cookies
Figure 20-1: Now you can remove a single entry from the address bar.
Keep in mind that in IE10, the address bar also searches your list of favorite
websites. If you want to prevent one of those sites from showing up in the address
bar suggestions, it is best to delete the site from favorites list.
Clearing Temporary Internet Files, History, and Cookies
Every time you visit a website, the files for the web page (such as the HTML
and the images) are downloaded and stored in a temporary directory known as
Temporary Internet Files. Over time, this directory can become full of images
and HTML from various websites you visited. This directory can end up taking
a lot of storage space. Additionally, a user can browse your Temporary Internet
Files directory and find out exactly what sites you have been visiting just as if he
were looking at your browser history. If you are concerned about your privacy, or
just concerned about disk space, clearing the temporary Internet files is a must.
The web browsing history is another area that users often like to clear. Internet
Explorer, by default, is configured to record all the websites that you visit for a
20-day period. If you are concerned about your privacy, you should frequently
clean your browsing history and configure your history settings to protect
your privacy. Doing so ensures that anyone using your computer can’t easily
see what you have been doing.
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