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Adjusting Your Cookie Security Policy
what you do on the web. This is possible because Google AdSense is used by
about one out of four websites online, which means one out of four websites are
making your browser connect to Google’s servers to display an advertisement.
When that call is made to Google’s servers, it can read third-party cookies it
placed on your computer from other AdSense-using websites that you visited
because they made the same call to Google AdSense servers to get an
advertisement to display. Behind the scenes, Google’s advertisement-serving software
can connect the dots and build a profile of what types of websites you visit.
Combine that with what you search for on Google’s search site, and Google has
a very good picture about who you are and what you need.
If you don’t want to be tracked online with the help of third-party cookies,
it is possible to tweak your cookie acceptance settings. Just follow these steps:
1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Click the gear icon and select Internet Options.
3. When Internet Options loads, click the Privacy tab.
4. You can move the up-and-down slider to adjust your level of cookie
security, but I recommend that you bypass this and click the Advanced
button instead.
5. After you have clicked the Advanced button and see the Advanced Privacy
Settings window, select the box that says Override Automatic Cookie
6. Your settings for first and third-party cookies are available for adjustment,
as shown in Figure 20-3.
Figure 20-3: Adjust your cookie privacy settings to block third-party cookies.
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