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Installing from USB
Figure 2-2: Copying all Windows 8 installation source files
Creating the USB Boot Media from a DVD Image
Different from a physical DVD, a DVD image or ISO file is what you get when
you buy Windows 8 directly from Microsoft and digitally download your
purchase. You can also get an ISO file for Windows 8 if you are an MSDN or
TechNet subscriber or are a volume license enterprise customer.
You could follow an altered version of the instructions for a physical DVD,
but there is a much better method using a free utility provided by the Microsoft
Store. The utility is called the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, but it works
fine with Windows 8 ISO images as well.
Simply download and install the free utility from the Microsoft Store by
visiting . O nce installed, launch the utility from the
Start menu:
1. Plug your USB lash drive into your computer.
2. Click Browse and select your Windows 8 ISO file. Then click Next as
shown in Figure 2-3.
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