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Tracking Protection Lists
Browsing, the browser does nothing to hide your IP address from a remote server.
When an IP address of a visitor is captured in a server log, it is easy to subpoena
the ISP that owns the IP for the name and address of the user behind the IP.
Using InPrivate Browsing is very simple. While Internet Explorer 10 is
running, just hit Ctrl+Shift+P. You can tell InPrivate Browsing is running by the
distinct InPrivate logo as shown in FigureĀ 20-6.
Figure 20-6: Internet Explorer 10 offers an InPrivate Browsing option.
Tracking Protection Lists
Internet Explorer 10 enables you to use tracking protection lists that block known
companies that track your browsing habits. These lists are provided by a variety
of organizations to help users block all web traffic from any address on the list.
For example, if a list blocks, then all requests to that page are
blocked. A side effect of blocking tracking requests is that normal advertising
requests are also blocked because tracking protection lists are also ad blocking
lists in most cases.
Using a tracking protection list in IE10 is very simple. Microsoft maintains
a list of compatible list providers and allows users to provide ratings. To get
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