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Windows Interface Privacy
started using tracking protection lists, open up Internet Explorer and browse
to .
Browse through the list and simply click Add next to the list you want to use.
Then click Add List on the confirmation screen as shown in Figure 20-7. It is
possible to use more than one at a time, so go crazy.
You can remove a list within the Manage Add-ons window. Click the gear
icon and click Manage Add-ons. Click Tracking Protection from the side menu,
select the list you want to remove, and click Remove. You can also disable the
list if you are just testing different lists.
Figure 20-7: Add a tracking protection list to guard your privacy.
Windows Interface Privacy
After you have Internet Explorer under control, you can move on to cleaning the
rest of the Windows interface. Just as with Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer
keeps track of the applications you run and files you open. It does this so that
it can tailor your computer to your personal use with features such as the
frequently opened items on Jump Lists. Features such as this are designed to speed
up the use of your computer. However, the side effect of the convenience is a
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