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Removing Specific Entries from Taskbar Jump Lists
loss of privacy. These next few sections show you how to recover your privacy,
albeit at the expense of convenience.
Removing Specific Entries from Taskbar Jump Lists
Similar to Internet Explorer, and following the trend in Windows 8 to give users
more control over their privacy, Microsoft included the ability to remove single
entries from the recently opened list that appears on many Jump Lists.
Simply right-click an application on your taskbar such as Microsoft Word
and you will see a list of recently opened documents. The same is true for
Windows File Explorer. To remove a specific entry, just right-click it and select
Remove from this list as shown in Figure 20-8.
Figure 20-8: Remove a Jump List entry to prevent a program from appearing in the list.
Removing Temporary Files from Your Hard Drive
Over time, your hard drive can become cluttered with temporary files left
behind from applications and the operating system. These files not only take
up space, but they can be tracks of activity on your computer. Removing the
temporary files is a great way to clean up any garbage information that is left
behind, increase your privacy, and free up some disk space.
The complexity of Windows has increased over the years. In the early
versions of Windows, there was just one temp folder in which all temp files were
located. With Windows 8, temp folders are all over the place. To remove the
files, you could go to all the different folders and erase the files manually, but
there is a better way.
To clear my temporary files from my hard drive, I like to use Disk Cleanup.
Disk Cleanup is a utility that comes with Windows 8 that makes it easy to
remove your temporary files. It works by automatically checking the known
temporary file locations for you and removing the files. With Disk Cleanup, you
do not have to worry about where to navigate on your hard drive to delete the
files. Instead, just execute the program.
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