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Figure 2-13: Create a Windows To Go workspace.
Boot up your new USB 3.0 lash drive with the Windows To Go workspace
on any PC just as if you were installing Windows. Hit the keyboard combo to
bring up the Boot menu on your PC and select Boot To Your USB device.
In this chapter I described the differences and the benefits of the 32-bit and
64-bit versions of Windows 8. I showed you how to install Windows 8 using a
clean install from the DVD and how to install from a USB lash drive—a very
useful trick. Then I jumped over to the world of dual-booting and demonstrated
how to install both Windows 7 and Windows 8 on the same physical computer,
but with a virtual twist with a VHD file. Finally, I covered the Windows To Go
workspace feature found in the Enterprise edition of Windows 8.
In the next chapter I review the basic operation of the new interface in
Windows 8 because so much has changed. Getting around can be confusing,
and has created a lot of tweaking opportunities to make it better.
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