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Chapter 3
Windows 8 Basics
For the first time since Windows 95, Microsoft has taken bold steps in
overhauling the interface of Windows by creating the new “Metro” design style interface.
Best described as a full-screen, immersive environment, the new interface is
home to the Windows Store apps and the new tile-based Start screen. This
chapter covers the new elements of the interface and helps you get up to speed
quickly so you can fly through the new interface as fast as you could using the
classic desktop interface.
Using the New Interface
The new interface can be very confusing and annoying for people who have been
using Windows for years. Getting used to a new interface is not easy—dealing
with change never is. But once you get used to it, you will find that some tasks
are much easier than before.
Many people claim the new interface is designed just for touch users with
tablets. Though it is true that the interface works great on touch devices, it is wrong
to say it is only for tablets and not for traditional PC users with desktops and
laptops. Everything that touch users can do is also possible with a keyboard and
a mouse. The next few sections cover how you can use the new interface with the
good, old-fashioned keyboard and mouse.
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