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Using the Start Screen
Using the Start Screen
When you first boot up Windows 8, you see the new Start screen instead of the
classic desktop. Replacing the Start menu, the Start screen is where everything
begins. Instead of a list of app names and static icons, Microsoft opted for a new
tile-based layout called Live Tiles .
Live Tiles are like dynamic icons that provide access to live information such
as weather conditions, sports scores, or even alerts. Unfortunately, due to the
live nature of the tiles they are limited to only those apps you download from
the Windows Store. Classic desktop apps get a tile with a boring static icon.
Navigating the Start Screen
Navigating the Start screen is best accomplished with a scroll wheel mouse if
you don’t have a touch device. Simply scroll the wheel to slide to the right. You
can also use arrow keys, but that is often slow. When you find what you want,
just click it.
If you know what you want, the classic Start menu search still exists. Just type
in the name and hit Enter. You can also run commands just like in Windows Vista
and Windows 7. Type in CMD and hit Enter to open up a command prompt,
as shown in Figure 3-1.
Figure 3-1: Search for apps on the Start screen.
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