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Using Charms
Figure 3-3: This Start screen view displays apps like the All Programs menu item did in
previous versions of Windows.
You can bring up the application list view by hitting the following keyboard
combination: Windows Key+Q.
The next view I call “group view” because it enables you to see all the tile
groups on your Start screen. This is perfect for selecting apps quickly instead
of scrolling when you have a lot of tiles on your screen (see Figure 3-4). To
activate this view, bring up the Start screen and then hold down the Ctrl key and
hit the minus key (-). Alternatively, you can hold down the Ctrl key and scroll
down with your mouse wheel or click the tiny minus button in the bottom right
corner of the screen.
To get the most out of this view you need to organize your Start screen tiles
into named groups. I cover that and much more in Chapter 5, which is all about
customizing the Start screen.
Using Charms
Charms are another major part of the new interface and a big part of Windows 8.
I like to think of charms as the right-click menu for the full-screen app world.
Traditional right-click context menus do not it well in the world of full-screen,
immersive applications. Charms offer a new method of presenting the user with
relevant options that are hidden until needed.
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