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Using Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows Store Apps and the Start Screen
The last type of charm is located on the left side of the screen and helps you
switch between apps. Think of this as the taskbar of the new interface. Drag your
inger inward from the left side of the screen or place your mouse cursor in the
top-left corner of your screen and then move the cursor down. Alternatively, on
a keyboard you can hit Windows Key+Tab. This charm provides a thumbnail
view of all your open Metro style applications and a screenshot of your desktop.
Using Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows Store Apps and the
Start Screen
I already covered a few of the keyboard shortcuts that help you fly around the
new interface if you don’t have a touch device, but you can use a lot more. The
keyboard shortcuts in Table 3-1 will save you a few clicks and get to items that
are ordinarily buried within the interface.
Table 3-1: Windows Store Apps and Start Screen Keyboard Shortcuts
Windows Key
Opens the Start screen
Windows Key+Tab
Metro app switcher
Windows Key+C
System charms
Windows Key+Z
Application charms
Windows Key+I
Settings menu
Windows Key+K
Devices menu
Windows Key+H
Share menu
Windows Key+F
Search files on Start screen
Windows Key+Q
Application search on Start screen
Windows Key+W
Settings search on Start screen
Windows Key+. (period)
Snap Metro app to the right side of the
Windows Key+Shift+. (period)
Snap Metro app to the left side of the
screen (only works on wide-screen
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