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Chapter 4
Safe Tweaking
If your computer came with Windows 8 preinstalled, or you have finished
installing Windows 8, you are almost ready to begin tweaking. But first, this
chapter talks about the safe way to tweak and customize your computer. Many
tweaks, tips, and secrets can create severe problems if you accidentally miss a
step. That is why this is a good time to discuss some of the ways you should
protect your computer, so you can easily undo any tweak that causes problems.
To get started, you create Restore Points that enable you to take a configuration
snapshot so you can easily jump back to a prior state. Then this chapter covers
Windows Backup to protect your data, and Startup Repair to automatically ix
issues that may prevent Windows 8 from starting up. Additionally, I cover the
new one-click refresh and reset features that automatically restore Windows to
a working state.
Using System Restore
System Restore has matured into something very valuable for any power user
who tweaks his computer. Every time you make a change, there is a risk that
something could go wrong. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily undo any
change with just a few clicks? System Restore provides the solution to that
problem by enabling you to jump back in time to an earlier state.
In the next sections I show you how to create Restore Points before you tweak
and then how to restore to a previous state if something goes wrong.
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