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System Recovery Console
System Recovery Console
The System Recovery Console in Windows 8 is a great feature that enables
you to ix your computer if it ever gets stuck in a state in which it will not boot
properly. A number of tools are included, such as Automatic Repair, System
Restore, Refresh Your PC, System Image Recovery, and Memory Diagnostics,
along with a way for you to access the command prompt. I go into more detail
about the tools available in the System Recovery Console shortly, but first, you
learn how to access the console.
Accessing the System Recovery Console
You can access the System Recovery Console in two ways. The most popular
is to boot the hidden recovery partition that was set up when Windows 8 was
installed on your computer. To do this, press F8 on your keyboard right after you
turn on your computer while the manufacturer logo is displayed, known as the
POST or power on self-test. If you hit F8 at the right time, a special boot menu
is displayed with the option to repair your computer. On my computer, I start
hitting F8 repeatedly as soon as POST is finished, to make sure I catch the short
window in which the F8 key works before the computer loads Windows normally.
After you select the Repair Your Computer option, a progress bar displays as
the System Recovery Console is loaded. When the loading completes, you see the
System Recovery Console main screen, as shown in Figure 4-2.
Figure 4-2: From the Windows 8 System Recovery Console you can fix a lot of problems.
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