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Using the System Recovery Console Tools
This method works on the majority of Windows 8 installations, but it is
dependent on the special hidden partition. If something happens to that partition, or
Windows 8 installed without creating that partition, you need to access the System
Recovery Console with the System Recovery Console Boot CD or lash drive.
If you have a Windows 8 installation DVD, you can boot your computer with
that and then select Repair My Computer. However, if your computer came with
Windows 8 preloaded, or if you lost your installation DVD, you can create your
own System Recovery Console Boot CD/DVD within Windows 8.
On a Windows 8 computer with a CD/DVD burner, follow these steps to
create a System Recovery Console CD/DVD:
1. Put a blank CDR/CDRW/DVDR/DVDRW disc in your CD/DVD burner
2. Open the Start screen, type in recdisc.exe , and then hit Enter.
3. Make sure the correct drive is selected and then click Create Disc.
Alternatively, if your computer does not have a CD/DVD drive you can use
a USB lash drive that is 256 MB or larger. Follow these steps to create a System
Recovery USB drive on a Windows 8 computer:
1. Insert a USB lash drive.
2. Open the Start screen, type in recoverydrive.exe , and then hit Enter.
3. On the Recovery Drive window, click Next.
4. Select the USB lash drive and click Next.
5. Click Create to verify that everything will be erased on the USB lash drive.
Now you can use your custom-made System Recovery Console CD/DVD/
lash drive to access the same screen shown in Figure 4-2. Put the media in
when you turn on your computer and use the correct boot menu options for
your computer to boot to the disc or USB drive.
Using the System Recovery Console Tools
Now that you know how to access the System Recovery Console, I go over the
various tools available to ix your computer:
Refresh Your PC —This refreshes the Windows 8 install but leaves your
settings and files in place. Windows Store apps remain, but traditional
desktop apps are removed.
Reset Your PC —Everything including your personal settings and files
are reset to brand-new condition. This action is similar to reinstalling
Windows 8 and blowing everything away.
More tools are hidden under the Advanced Options section:
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